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其他訂購方法  Other Order Method



訂購熱線  Hotline : 

2752 9026 

WhatsApp Messenger : 

6477 7033

Facebook :

Amaris Hamper 

Instagram :



電郵 Email:

HKTV Mall 網上購物平台 :   

Big Big Shop 網上購物平台 :


地址為 觀塘開源道60號駱駝漆大廈 3座 6 樓 U2室


星期一至五: 上午10時至下午 6 時, 公眾假期休息


·        銀行轉賬 - 匯豐銀行 (HSBC) 賬戶號碼: 124-739327-838

·      HKTV Mall 網上購物平台

.      Big Big Shop 網上購物平台

·        信用卡網上付款

·        支票 - 支票抬頭: 萬昇禮品有限公司

·        PayMe

請完成付款後必須把收據電郵 / WhatsApp +852 64777033 給本店,


Payment methods:

·        By Bank Transfer – HSBC (HK) bank account number: 124-739327-838

·        By HKTV Mall

.      By Big Big Shop

·        By Credit Card Website 

·        By Cheque - Payable To: Amaris Promotion Company Limited

·      By PayMe

Please email to / WhatsApp +852 64777033  the receipt of payment to us with your contact number, many thanks.

條款須知 Terms and Conditions

為保障產品質量, 我們將不支持退貨服務
In order to guarantee product quality, we do not support refund policy.

In case of disputes, Amaris Promotion Company Limited reserves the right of final decision.


 1. 定購須知亦有列明,網站上的商品圖片供款式的參考,真正商品有可能與照片不同,尤其花與水果產品會因時令、包裝工藝、拍照角度而異,禮品内容也有可能更改,但保證同等價值和風格,顧客定購時同意接受該風險。

 2. 本店根據客戶提供的地址和時間送抵目的地,除非有特別指引,如有因爲收貨人不在/地址問題或其他原因,造成本店需要把禮品從新再送/退回工場/等候收貨人/轉換地址等情況,客人有可能需要付相關費用。

3 節日送禮高峰時期內之送貨日子(: 中秋節、聖誕節、農曆新年、情人節、母親節)將不設即日單及指定時間送貨服務,所有訂單將於9am-6pm送出。

4. 如因8號或以上颱風或發出黑色暴雨警告訊號惡劣天氣影響下,本公司會停止所有訂單之送貨安排,直至除下8號颱風或黑色暴雨警告訊號,便陸續安排於24小時內再重新派遞該天 (颱風期間內) 受影響之訂單。


1.     Ordered product might not be exact to the picture provided on the web. Web pictures are very references, and subject to seasonal availability, hand crafting difference, and photography angle. The content of the gift can change, but would guarantee same value and style. Upon confirmation, customers are subject to accept product to same value and quality as picture shown.

2.    We deliver according to the address and time period customer provided. Unless there is special arrangement/instruction given, shall delivery issues arise, and cost is incurred for redelivery/return to workshop/waiting for recipient/change of address, the customer could be invoiced for additional fees.

3.    Same Day Delivery and Delivery Time Slot Selection are not available during Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. All orders during this period will be delivered between 9am - 6pm, on the next business day.

4.    There will be no delivery in case of Typhoon No.8 or Black Rainstorm Signal. After the Typhoon No.8 or Black Rainstorm Signal cancellation, the influence orders will be resume delivery within the next 24 hours.




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