Disney 廸士尼公主手甲套裝 (24pcs)

包裝尺寸 : 約 長 16.5 x 闊 10cm 
甲 尺寸 ( 大 ) : 約 1 x 0.8cm 
甲 尺寸 ( 細 ) : 約 0.9 x 0.6cm



Disney Princes Finger Nail Gift Set (24pcs)

Package Size : About Height 16.5 x Width 10cm 
Chip Size ( Large ) : About Height 1x 0.8cm 
Chip Size ( Small ) : About 0.9x 0.6cm

Target Age: 6 years old and above
※ Caution 
Small parts are included, please be sure to use under the supervision and supervision of parents so that children do not drink accidentally. 

正版 Disney 廸士尼公主手甲套裝 (24pcs)

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