Stella爆谷的第一口味大約是一天,當時Stella用爆米花爆米花,她的媽媽從她的家鄉西西里島上掏出了一瓶特級初榨橄欖油,這是地中海一個飽滿而decade廢的橄欖的天堂。 一瓶好橄欖油是多維的:生機勃勃,酥脆而獨特。 真正的橄欖油高度評價其出處。


最佳食用日期: 02 NOV 2021


The first taste of Stella Popcorn came about one day as Stella was popping popcorn over the flame and her mama pulled out a bottle of extra virgin olive oil from her hometown on the island of Sicily, a Mediterranean haven for plump and decadent olives. A good bottle of olive oil is multi-dimensional: vibrant, crisp, and distinctive. Real olive oil speaks highly of its provenance. 

Allergy Advice: Contain Soy
Made in a facility that also handles: Milk & Mustard


Expiry date: 02 NOV 2021

番茄羅勒味爆谷 / 爆米花 28 克 // Stella Popcorn Tomato 'n Basil 28g

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