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新春蝴蝶蘭 3 株 (蘭花) + Godiva 禮盒裝朱古力 + 意大利金裝 Prosecco 氣酒 

- 意大利金裝Prosecco 氣酒 
- Godiva 特選雜錦餅乾禮盒32片裝
- Godiva 曲奇餅禮盒18片裝

* 包括農曆新年裝飾 (不包括圖片內花盆以外之裝飾物)
* 花盆款式或會因應供應情況作出改變
* 網站上的商品圖片只供款式參考

* 免費送遞服務包括港九新界。(離島及偏遠地區, 或要求特定時間範圍內送貨, 請先給我們致電查詢。Tel: 2752 9026)
* 顧客請於送貨前兩個工作日 (5pm 前) 電郵至 (電郵主題: HKTVmall) 或致電 +852 2752 9026 或親臨門市自取: 旺角新填地街470號海島中心2701A室, 服務時間為星期一至五(假日除外)早上十時至晩上五時零三十分
* Amaris Promotion Co., Ltd. 保留權利,以適當的產品去替代市場缺乏供應之產品,但本司會確保替代之產品是同價值或更高價之產品,以及確保其品質是與之前的產品相近。
* 如有任何有關查詢,歡迎與我們聯絡
送貨服務熱線: (852) 2752 9026 /




CNY Phalaenopsis Orchid x 3 + Godiva Chocolate Gift box set with Italy Prosecco Golden Edition 

- Italy Val D'Oca Punto Oro Prosecco Golden Edition
- Godiva Assorted Cookie 32pcs
- Godiva Chocolate Cookie 18pcs

*Chinese New Year’s decoration included (Does not include decorations out of flowerpots from photo)
*Flower pot style may change depending on the supply situation
*Product images on the website are only for style reference


*Free Delivery to Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories. (For island district remote areas, and/or deliver at a specific time frame, please call us for a quote. Tel: 2752 9026.)
*Please contact us at (852) 2752 9026 / (Email Subject: HKTV mall) / Whatsapp 6465 1014
self-pickup at Room 2701A, Island Centre, No.470 Reclamation Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK. Office Hours: 10am - 5:30pm (Mon-Fri)
*Amaris Promotion Co., Ltd. reserves the right to substitute products when necessary. The Company will make every effort to ensure that a replacement product of an equal or higher value is used and that the substituted product
is of a similar quality to the requested product.
*Please contact us for any inquiries.
Our Hotline: (852) 2752 9026
Whatsapp: 6465 1014

農曆新年禮物籃 C: 3株蝴蝶蘭 + Godiva 禮盒 x 2 + 氣泡酒 HAMPER C: Orchid x 3 + Prosecco + Godiva

HK$2,288.00 Regular Price
HK$1,788.00Sale Price
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