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意大利 4 年香醋 - 黑瓶金葉 250ml

Italian Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena - 4 year 250ml


- Handpicked IGP Certified Grapes: Each grape is handpicked and tracked by its geographic location to ensure an authentic flavor and unmatched quality

- Matured in Modena: Silver Leaf has an intense flavor with just the right density and acidity (6%), giving it a versatile characteristic which can be used with any kind of dish

- An exquisite high end IGP Balsamic Vinegar that is versatile in nature. It truly shines when combined with meat and poultry

- No Additives or Preservatives

- Bottled in Italy


Andrea Milano 1889 - 意大利 4 年香醋 / Italian Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena-4 year 250ml

SKU: AMA001008
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