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GIK 藍酒 750毫升- 6 支優惠套裝

GIK 是一種光芒四射, 一種含水果的 "藍酒" - 酒精含量為11.5 度。想試試嗎? 
GIK 也可配合食物一起飲用, 於雞尾酒內也效果一流! 
gik 開始創造一個完全不同的產品, 把顏色變成一個充滿活力的藍色, 讓葡萄酒更甜, 更容易喝。

75cl 玻璃瓶 酒精含量為11.5 度


GIK Blue Wine 750ml - 6 Bottles Package


Gik is a radiant ‘Blue Wine’ - a sweet, fruit laden blue drink with 11.5 degrees of alcohol. That’s Gïk. Do you want to try it? Gik Blue can be drunk on its own or with food and works well in cocktails too! Serve ice cold on a Summer's evening! Gïk is born for fun. To shake things up a little and see what happens. To create something new. Something different.
Why Blue? Gik set about creating a radically different product, changing the colour to a vibrant blue and making the wine sweeter and easier to drink. 
No added sugar:

Join the revolution!
75cl glass bottle 11.5% abv


“ Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.”

GIK 藍酒 750毫升 - 6 支優惠套裝

HK$1,080.00 Regular Price
HK$960.00Sale Price
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