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Mariage Frères的茶 menu讓客人點蔚然成風。她,是法國無人不曉的殿堂級茶葉名牌。

早在 1660年, Mariage家族的 Nicolas Mariage及 Pierre Mariage已擔任法蘭西帝國東印度群島的貿易代表,從亞洲地區進口茶葉同時亦是當年法王路易十四的御用茶商。
當年法國人並未流行喝茶皇室貴族只把茶作為有助消化的食療藥方。二百年後茶才在巴黎流行起來, Mariage家族後人 Henri& Edouard遂於 1854年 6月正式成立 Mariage Frères。

總共 已有三百多年歷史。打開已聞到滿滿的水果香甜味湧出來,沖出來更是茶香四溢。入口滿滿的香甜味,在口中徘徊久久不散,我一試即愛上。Mariage Frères果然是名茶,難怪香港五星級文華酒店, 洲際酒店及名牌時裝店等 一直用它。


For a rendition of the exuberant beauty of the Orient - its narrow doorways and inner courtyards with magnificent fountains and clusters of jasmine, rose bushes, and bergamot trees, its ancient dwellings with fine mouldings and woodwork, its frescoes ad its private gardens.

Romantic nights are evoked, a thousand and one Orients - real and imagined - whose sensuality recalls this sensual green tea enlivend with citrus fruits and sweet spices.

As France's oldest tea merchant, Mariage Frères’ passion for tea has been governed by an aesthetic sense of refinement and a quest for perfection. Founded in 1854, members of the Mariage family were involved in the trade across Persia, the East Indies, and the Moghul Empire as far back at the 17th century. With its devotion to discovering and evolving the best way to unfold the elixir from every leaf it is down to the family’s legacy that the French ‘Art of Tea’ was born.


Mariage Frères - 法國瑪黑茶葉 鐵罐包裝 NOCTURNE ORIENTAL® Sensual Floral Citrus 100克/3.5安士

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